ECE Senior Design

Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Design

Computer and Electrical Engineering Design I and II is a two semester design sequence (ECE 4901 and ECE 4902) taken by Computer Engineers and Electrical Engineers in their last two semesters at the University of Connecticut.

The course objective is to provide an opportunity for students to apply their engineering knowledge to solve open-ended design problems using a multidisciplinary team approach.

Students work in teams of three or more students. Each team is multidisciplinary in nature. This is normally accomplished by including students from different programs (EE, CMPE, EngPhys, ME, BME, MEM, and CSE). In some cases, all participants on a particular team may be from the same program. In such a case, team members are chosen such that the members have different concentrations, expertise, or strengths.

Senior Design Day –  May 3, 2019 – Gampel Pavilion, 1-4pm

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